Comprehensive Recovery

          from a Broken Relationship

Divorce, Separation, Breakup — the end of a relationship

can be one of the most trying periods you will ever have to endure.  The changes that you will experience can leave you feeling lost and alone, groping for firm emotional footing as the life you know goes through seismic upheavals. This is when you will need a counselor and mentor, an authoritative ally – perhaps more than at any other time in your life.

Dr. James Stillwell is such an ally, a professional with the education, experience, and sense of perception to define and understand your situation and show you the way to manage it.

Dr. Stillwell’s Divorce Recovery Workshop provides useful information:  tools he has developed over a long career that you can employ to regain your balance, identify and neutralize the sources of your distress, and navigate your way back to a sense of peace and tranquility.

By applying his tenets, you can take control of your life,

your emotions, and your future.



SEPT 28 - NOV 9


Your entire life, as you have

            pursued happiness and success,

or dealt with disappointments,

                  you have turned to mentors

     and counselors for guidance.

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