Comprehensive Relationship Counseling

in a Pastoral Context

Pastoral Counseling for

Individuals, Couples and Families

Dr. James Stillwell is available for private counseling sessions

by calling  (859) 940-3241.

Theoretical approaches will depend on the needs of the client. These include:

        √   IMAGO  (Harville Hendrix)

        √   Experiential (Virginia Satyr)

        √   Narrative (Michael White/David Eptson)

        √   Cognitive (Aaron T. Beck)

With couples, Dr. Stillwell uses the structure of the three session assessment (Dr.s John and Julie Gottman). This enables the couple to more effectively diagnose their life situation in order to choose the correct therapeutic approach.

Premarital Counseling

Dr. Stillwell has many years experience with the PREPARE inventory for premarital couples, walking them through 4-7 sessions as needed to prepare for marriage.

Marital Counseling

Dr. Stillwell takes couples through a three-session assessment process to determine their marital counseling needs. Couples often express appreciation for being able to do a thorough, detail look at their particular situation before embarking on the therapeutic journey.  At the end of the third assessment appointment the couple and the counselor together decide on a plan of treatment that fits the couple's situation.

Separation Counseling

Walking persons through separation has been a specialty as well. If there is a current divorce recovery workshop, Dr. Stillwell recommends that the client forgo working with him as a therapist for a few months preceding and following the workshop in order to get the most out of both modalities.

Healing Separation Counseling

Occasionally couples choose to go through a "healing separation" in order to effectively pursue forgiveness and reconciliation when it is too difficult to do so living in the same house. This is a structure that Dr. Stillwell has found to be effective with some couples.

Dr. Stillwell has been active through the years with the Bluegrass Healthy Marriage project which began with a commitment from area pastors to require premarital counseling and concluded with a training seminar with Dr.s John and Julie Gottman. Marriage Education resources through the project now find their home in the family studies department of the University of Kentucky.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is a specialty practiced by those with extensive theological training who also have thorough psychological training in order to integrate those two disciplines for the sake of the client.  Many people seek out a pastoral counselor as someone who respects and understands their faith, and can use a person's faith as a resource. For this reason, if faith crisis is one of the difficulties, Dr. Stillwell can be a valuable resource as understanding faith is one of his primary specialties with his bachelor's, two master's, and doctoral degrees.

Counseling Center Locations:

The Interfaith Counseling Center  (Lexington)

240 Rodes Avenue, Lexington, KY 40508

Charming white house near High Street and Martin Luther King Blvd

owned by Calvary Baptist Church

Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays — 1st appt 8 am — last appt 7 pm

No matter what your faith tradition, the counselors are trained and able to help the client integrate your faith with your psychological work.

Interfaith Counseling Center takes an interdisciplinary approach and employs not only a pastoral counselor, but also social workers, chaplains, and a psychologist. Interfaith Counseling Center takes checks or cash.

Checks are written to ICC.

Frankfort Pastoral Counseling  (Frankfort)

Immanuel Baptist Church of Frankfort

1075 Collins Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601

Thursdays — 1st appt 10 am — last appt 6:15 pm

A ministry of Saint Matthews Pastoral Counseling.

Checks or cash are welcome, with checks written to SMPCC.

St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center (Louisville)

3515 Grandview Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

Twice a month on Tuesdays.

Cash or checks to SMPCC. St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center

employs several excellent pastoral counselors who serve in Louisville, Crestwood,

and Frankfort, Kentucky.  Sessions are generally in the afternoon.

To book a counseling session or sessions with Dr. Stillwell:

(859) 940-3241

Counseling Fees: $100 hr

Dr. James Stillwell

Dr. James Stillwell is a Kentucky Licensed Pastoral Counselor (KLPC) and a Certified Pastoral Counselor with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, a national accrediting agency based in Virginia that has been the primary training and accrediting center for pastoral counselors for fifty years.

Dr. Stillwell is continually updating his education in the counseling arts and sciences in consultation with colleagues at the Interfaith Counseling Center, St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center, and the Kentuckiana Pastoral Counseling Consortium to continually receive professional feedback and accountability.

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